Yeah, so it seems like I’ve finally made it through and got the layout done.
I’m pretty content with how the layout turned out, although I didn’t like that little space up there that made his head gone u__u  Well the photo that I used of him looked like that so there’s really nothing i can fix anyway.

I’ve been goofing around watching dramas lately, which I found amusing b’cuz there’s really nothing that I wants to watch in particular. I always end up watching something I didn’t wanted to watch in the first place. Oh, and it began snowing again today… .__. It’s snowing in April, and we’re going back to school soon… What kind of Spring break is this?
Oh well I’ll just continue on freezing to death while you read this post or something. And I should be off now to fix the Guestbook (what is it with me and guestbook installing? xD).


One Comment on “Finally…”

  1. Chau says:

    Aww, nice!!

    LOL about snow during spring braek.

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