Happy Birthday Katherine ^^

Yesterday we (The food lover crew XD), celebrated our member “Bamse’s” birthday, even though her real birthday is the 9th april. We were at Peppes Pizza and eated there. We ordered 3 pizzas – O.o too much, and we didn’t manage to eat them all 😦 what a waste. After it, the gang splitted for 2 hours and met again XD. We went to Bamses house and played buzz and eyetoy :mrgreen: Man, the eyetoy thing was hard. Oh yeah, Siv, Tuyen and Diep also made Bamse a birthday cake (chocolate cake), and it tasted pretty good 🙄

While we splitted, Baoi went to easter mass with me XD hoho, it was longer then expected, but she managed to get through it XD she even sung ^^

I guess that’s it …

PS! i think the site is finished, haha baoi managed finish the layout before the deadline i gave her, it was acutally today :mrgreen:

Good Job ^^


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