Finished …

[color=chocolate]Current Mood: tired

Wow, haven’t written for a couple of days … well gonna write for today and tomorrow XD

Today we had “coopertest”. It was so tiresome, i almost died while running. I only managed to run 6 rounds, but i’m happy with it :mrgreen:

Right now i’m sitting and eating, so hungry when i came home from school …but i’m getting full soon -.-‘

Have to start with the natural science and french homework …deadline tomorrow 😐

Oh yeah… I now have about 265 paper cranes … 735 more to go >_< It takes a long time folding them, Siv already have 600 😯 …man, she's fast

That's it for now, gonna edit this tonight…



One Comment on “Finished …”

  1. Chau says:

    Wow, good luck with the homework!

    Geez!!!! That is A LOT of paper cranes!!!!

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