Caramel Corns & Hearts

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Yeah… so then it’s time for me to blog ;D I’m currently sitting here hiccuping through my blog entry, which is kind of annoying. I should really go and fetch some water to drink…
I got the french homework done! It was really exhausting, I’ve been tired the whole day.
Our P.E class was kind of boring ‘cuz we lost in the end  😆 Those that takes French got free in the two last periods though! Because we went to the cinema to watch “La Môme” a movies about Edith Piaf’s life. Which was pretty good by my opinion. The actress is alot prettier in real life than in the movie though xD. All those special effects to make her look old was realistic , I loved it!

Me and Lina and a couple of friends of ours went to town earlier. I heard they were going to France after all huh… Lina was tired, poor little girl 😦 urgh I was tired too though :lol:.
Remind me of drinking coffee before I go out with them next time xD
My pretty, little (which is big) feets is hurting so much, I bet Lina’s feets are hurting too.
Uhm… why am I writing about feets now .___.
This should be my blog for today. And I should go to the library tomorrow, there are books I need to deliver back x3

& she wants her caramel corns so much


3 Comments on “Caramel Corns & Hearts”

  1. Birdie says:

    Birdie wants caramel corn too

  2. Chau says:

    Aww, caramel corn! You’re making me crave some! Hehe.

    Glad you got the French homework done!

    Hehe, have fun at the library!

  3. Fake:Smiles says:

    @Chau: Caramel corns are really love right? Ø__Ø I didn’t get to go to the library today though T_T I had to go shopping with mom instead.
    I’m 99,99% sure that my French homework was a little weird xD

    And Birdie!!! Let’s go to JT next week-end *pretty please with honey and sugar on*

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