Strike a pose

 Currently: Tired and feeling sick (I ate too much :P)
Currently Listening To: Ai no Kotoba (dunno who the artist is)

Should I say that I’m really full and have a stomachache? Oh well, me and Lina (AoiHikari) and LKD went to the park to have a barbeque party today with the parents of course… Or else we won’t have that much food to eat *tehehe*. Anyway so we kind of ate too much of uhm… everything and went all “my stomach is gonna explode” mood. The adults left us when they ate enough and well… left us there to finish of the food. As much as we’ve eaten at that point of time, we called Bamse and Birdie to help us with all those foods. Bamse came but Birdie didn’t. After we finished off the food (yes we managed to do that!) we went to this enormous swing where alot of persons can sit on it and swing together. We ended up feeling nauseous in the end, and LKD got stuck on the swing with Bamse. Because Bamse had clearly no intention to let LKD go off the swing. So Lina and I took some pictures of LKD trying to drag Bamse’s pants off (*grrr*) LoL. It was hilarious to watch because LKD almost fell off the swing in the beginning   LMAO .

After all those swingings we went and took alot of pictures of all of us. They came out pretty funny, and we looked like wannabe gangsters or something. Alot of those pictures went weird but damn they’re really hilarious xD
Yeah so that’s practically my day, and I still haven’t done my homework T___T . I have an english oral presentation tomorrow, something about India… Ehh I should really do them now *snickers*
Oh! I’m pretty sure Lina wants to tell us about “the water melon box incident” with LKD.
Stay tune for my and Lina’s next blog *wink*


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