Sunshine …

Current mood: Happy πŸ˜›
Currently Listening To: Sha Po Lang – Chinese paladin OST

Yesterday, i went on Giao Ly. The first hour we had So (a nun), her hours was tiresome…We had a group work, and had to discuss something. All the group got alot of point, and my group only got about 3 or something. None of us wanted to do anything, and for some reason the nun got sorta mad at us πŸ˜•

When we had Thay Thanh, we had our presentation. Thy (one from my group) forgot her notes home, and me and Tran wrote about the same thing -.- LoL, the presentation went actually pretty good, the teacher said we was well prepeared and stuff (something we was not XD) … After the class we had a singing time T_T omg it was only high songs, and none of us wanted to sing except at 1 song …

Man, monday we have a math test T_T i really have to practice dun’t want to go down in grades
I’m pretty lazy these days, alway writing my blogs one day later 😳 gaah ..


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