Exam -.-

Once again I’m writing my blog one day later …gomen …

Today we got the subject for our oral trial exam -.-, I’m on the group with Diep and we got Arv og Miljø. As for the second subject we can choose ….We only have one day to prepare, cuz we have an exam in first language on thursday. The worst thing is that Rune said we can’t bring a dictionary!! Grr…I’m so dead 😥

Regarding the “watermelon box incident” -.-…When we had the BBQ party, the three of us had the responsibility for the grills … I dunno what got into Diep at that time, but lol, thinking she could create wind with a box?Anyway next to her, there was a box (containing watermelon before we ate them up) with an amount of water inside. Diep took the box and start wawing wanted to create wind. And you know what happend? *splash* the water inside the box flew at me 👿 Baoi just sat there cracking in laughter while I sitting there, almost got all wet (what a friend you are BC 😡 ) … Luckily, i pretty much got my revenge back when seeing diep in the swing, LoL >_<

– there's probably alot of mistakes in the text above, but i'm to lazy to correct them all… Baoi, tell me if you see anything, or if you're nice. Correct them for me would ya =))


4 Comments on “Exam -.-”

  1. Fake:Smiles says:

    oh so you guys got Science? :O Just like you guys wanted to, right? xD You guys got the Nature vs. Nurture subject O__O Genetics, DNA and all of that fascinates me 😆
    Well gotta wait to see what I’m going to get then 😦

  2. Birdie says:

    there’s probabaly alot of mistakes in the text above

  3. Birdie says:

    omfg, I wrote more than that! 😯 I wrote : GYahahaha… but it disappeared 😯

  4. Fake:Smiles says:

    lol Birdie… Life is such a Mystery xD so is the Internet! (omgee)

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