Fire, Fire!!!

Do you wanna know what happened at school today? I bet you want huh? xD
This is what happened:

I was happily talking to one of my friends in lunch period, when 5 other people came in and talked to us (yeah, we knows them xD). And they told us that it was burning in the neighbouhood, across the street from school.
So we went with them to confirm what they had said, and almost the whole school was gathered around the house across the street. I couldn’t see any smoke at first, but as we came closer we could smell the smoke.
So I went to see what everyone was staring at, and I saw alot of smoke coming out from some window or something. The door was locked and the firemens that were there tried to break it open. It took them quite a long time before they broke the lock.
And when they managed to open the door, there was this huge fire that just broke out!

It was swooosh, it looks just like in those action movies! I could even hear that it went *boom boom* in the house. Well we can’t actually call it a house, it’s more like a apartment complex really.

The irony in this whole fire thing is that the students at our school uses that spot, where the fire broke out, as a smoking corner. So some of students went : “I hope it wasn’t because someone was smoking there, that it happened”

Oh well, I didn’t get to see the whole thing because I had to leave for my class as the firemens got the fire in control. I wonders if somebody died or got a third degree burn, you know… Cuz that fire was HUGE!! Considering I stood like 100 meters from that apartment, it was frightening standing there. I even thought of something as “The house is gonna blow up just like in movies, and we’re all going to die”. Uhm, yeah I’ve got negative thoughts xD

So that was the most interesting part about my day xD
And I’ve gotta go to watch my weekly potion of CSI! ^^

Bonne Nuit!
With Mucho Mucho love from Fake Smiles


One Comment on “Fire, Fire!!!”

  1. Wow, that sounds scary… I hope no one got hurt, though…

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