Week-end with Birdie Bird

 Currently listening to: Boys Like Girls – Thunder
Feeling: Thirsty (=__=~ )

It’s week-end, allright! What happened today, let me see.

Birdie and I went to JT and bought Caramel Corns (japanese snack).
And the guy at the counter went a little weird, he made me and Birdie laugh when he tried to give us a bag…

Birdie and I also decided to try out the recipe for caramel popcorns. It came out pretty good, although it was too sweet for us.
And while we ate the popcorns we watched 2 movies: The One, starring Jet Li & Bring it On 3 : All or Nothing.

Afterwards we began our weird dances O__O ROFLMAO, no one cares how bad we are right?  :roll: .
There was alot of those taking pictures kind of thing, it felt just like Halloween seeing as we drawn alot of weird things on our faces.

Yeah Birdie is weird… Did I mention that she is deadly afraid of bees? She always scream and run from bees…

Oh! School went to this performance thing yesterday where the 8th grader & the 9 graders from the Culture Club of our school performed the musical GREASE.
They were good! I remember when they did The Wizard from Oz last year….
This time was better than last year! I have a weak thing for musicals *hehe*.

Selam is visiting me tomorrow, yay <;D

That’s it for today folks xD Sorry for not blogging for a “long” time *nervous laugh*


2 Comments on “Week-end with Birdie Bird”

  1. Birdie says:

    omfg! I’m NOT weird! That’s just a normal reaction, right? 😯

  2. Hehe about watching Bring It On.

    LOL about being afraid of bees! I know someone who’s afraid of bees like that also… LOL.

    Ooh! Grease! When I was in high school, they had put on that musical also, but I didn’t get to see it… I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed their performance!

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