Happy Happy …

Current mood: Happy
Currently listening to: Stay by my side – Hello! Miss OST

Today’s weather is really nice, so sunny … Summer is near ❤ Lucky baoi, she gets to travel to Vietnam -.-

Woah, it's almost a week since i last wrote my blog …Thanks to Baoi, i got addicted to a drama serie called Hello! Miss. It's so funny to watch. Every episode is very entertaining. I strongly recommend this one XD although the whole serie is not out yet T_T (For more information visit this site Wiki.d-addicts)

Last week was really tiresome. Monday i had my math test -.-, on thursday i had first language exam and my oral trial exam, i thought i would die, (thanks to my teacher, we got 1 day extra for the trial exam). The trial exam, went good (according to my teacher), and the first language, i dunno 😕

This week, it’s a normal week (phew :mrgreen: ), poor Baoi, she has her trial exam this week. Ganbatte neh 😛

Sayonara – Mata ne :mrgreen:


One Comment on “Happy Happy …”

  1. Hehe about Baoi getting to go to Vietnam… For me, it wouldn’t be lucky… LOL…

    LOL about Hello! Miss… I know someone else who’s addicted to it…

    Anyways, sorry to hear that last week was tiring for you! Wow, that’s a lot of tests, though… Hope you did well on all of them!

    And good luck to Baoi with her exam!

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