Bees & Flowers

At the moment:
     :drink: — Tea
     :weather: — Sunshine
     :music: — Shiny Toy Guns – You Are The One

I’m seriously really hungry :'(  I woke up today, heard mom call “Chau, Chau! A bee, a bee!!”. I opened my eyes and saw that bee flying towards me with my mom chasing it xD. And I did what other people would have done, I hid under my blanket. OH! What a perfect way to start my day. Hint my sarcasm.

Well, I’m finally done with my trial oral exams. My teacher is kinda scary to look at especially when she sits there looking at me u___u . She never looks happy either. Okay I just got goosebumps after thinking that. The worst of all she’s my teacher in almost every subjects and she is my uh… contact teacher (?) too. I’d rather have Helge though, although he’s pretty weird at times.
What is it with our class sticking with two weird teachers xD. And our vice principal said that we were the troublemakers class in school O_O
Whatever happened to the C – class where the troubled kids attends ? And he calls US troublemakers? :O

Oh well, enough about my school rantings… Lina… I was suppose to play online Pool with you on friday night! I totally forgot, ‘cuz I was watching Spiderman and all 😛
I want ice cream, and FYI I found another Spiderman ice stick xD
Oh wth… I should really stop my blogging now, and get something to eat, ‘cuz I’m starving here x3

PS: I will update the Music Rotations thingy later on today, seeing as Lina is too lazy
I’ll keep the old link there though 😛
@ Lina: I know you have alot of music on your hard drive 😈 *hint hint*


2 Comments on “Bees & Flowers”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    :mrgreen: lol, i’m gonna upload some songs so don’t worry, planned to do it today but, you know … lazy me 😛

  2. WOW! I’m sorry about the bee!!! =(

    Glad that you’re done with trial oral exams!

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