Chorus XD

:music: Yui – Rolling Star
:weather: Rain rain rain T_T
:food: Grape

okey…it has been really long since i last wrote a blog entry….

Today i went to the church in St.Olav … our chorus group had to sing in the main church for the first time … and believe me, it went sooo bad … the organ was out of sync (the sound was really weird), and the piano was messed up at some place … and lastly, the chorus group managed to sing wrong many many places … some sang faster than everybody else, and some sang slower 😐 >.< lol

After the church, our parents had a meeting regarding our confirmation …the meeting was for about an hour or so, and we had to practise for a dance. LoL XD we're only halfway … the boys dance seems really funny….not to mention the music :mrgreen: can't wait til the confirmation day 😀

lol forgot to mention XD i have almost 400 cranes now :mrgreen:


One Comment on “Chorus XD”

  1. Geez!! 400 cranes?!! I have an offline friend who’s starting to make a crane, or something like that… LOL.

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