Flower Power XD

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I went to Sarpsborg for my week-end, and T.V and I kind of “celebrated” her birthday. We managed to eat more than half of THE CAKE. It was a good cake, I loves cakes n_n.
I was at the mall with two of her friends trying to find her 17.may clothes + accessories. T.V bought a cute white dress and she’s planning to wear it with black leggings and flats, and her new handbag.

We was at McDonalds when we saw some girls that we used to be friends with (childhood)… I could see that they had changed -__-” and the whole family (+ their mom) was staring at us as if we were aliens from outerspace xD (those girls are sisters).
They turned their head and watched us whenever we went, that was kind of annoying.

I also met a guy that I used to be friends with when I was younger… Uhm, my mom was a friend of his mother and I used to sleepover at his house, I still remember that he used to kicks me down from the bed while asleep… *mad* Oh well we didn’t really recognized each other at all… At least I didn’t, until I asked T.V who asked her brother xD.

Oh! I almost forgot… T.V told me that her lil’ brother has turned into a “player”, womanizer and so on… And we went all “gross” at the thought… Seriously I’ve been seeing him as my lil’ brother, I even babysat him for god knows how long that was ago… And it’s just weird thinking that he may be considered handsome to girls O_O

Well that was mostly my SATURDAY in Sarpsborg…


One Comment on “Flower Power XD”

  1. Aww, the cake does look good! Hehe…

    I know what you mean about seeing childhood friends and how they’ve changed… I experience that a lot…

    LOL about someone whom you used to be friends with when you were younger. I’d love to actually talk to the guys whom I was friends with when I was younger! Haha. I’m too scared/shy to talk to them now that we’re older! Hahah…

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