Math -.-

:music: Bada – Go Go Go
:food: Ice cream
:drink: Water
:weather: Sun

Alriiite it’s exam week…..-.-
I got math as subject T_T I’m so dead …But at least I have one week to prepare myself …

LoL, today when working with some math tasks, i saw my old teacher from 8th grade. She hasn’t changed at all, dunno if she recognized though … and Helge (baoii’s teacher) was helping out in my class too….

Me and some friends was stuck at some task, and asked him for help. There was 3 questions i think, he said that the answered he gave was right … but when I asked my real math teacher (Elisabeth), they were all wrong. After that none of us wanted to ask him for help more …

At the end of class, there was only a few people left … Since Elisabeth gave us all the help we needed, Helge had nothing to so, so he started to clean the classroom .. LoL

Waa, 17 mai is only 2 days away … i hope it doesn’t rain this year T_T

lol, too lazy too write more …

Sayonara – Mata ne :mrgreen:


One Comment on “Math -.-”

  1. Fake:Smiles says:

    EHEHE Helge ALWAYS cleans the classroom xD he’s weird like that 😛 And he doesn’t dismiss class before he’s done cleaning either, that’s what he does at the end of the day in our class 😆

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