My ego is busting

:food: — *trying to find something to eat*
:drink: — I believe that water is good for your mind and soul
:music: — JS – Sha Po Lang
:heart: — It’s a secret you know
As Lina’s blog says, it’s finals week! There are three subjects that we can have exams in : Norwegian, English & Math. You can get chosen to have one of them, and I got Norwegian xD. That means two days with exams, which contains of text writing…

I got the resource papers today, where we gets to read excerpts from books that goes with the theme for this year’s exam… And the theme is *drums rolls* “The future in my hands”, pretty good theme, eh?

I have these futuristic feelings you know, so I don’t think it can be that hard to do it… I should be more confident about this kind of things.

Tomorrow is the 17th May, the Norwegian national day. And I’m breaking the traditional thing that I do each year, which is travel back to Sarpsborg to walk the 17th May march…
Just because my mom is too lazy xD, but I’m staying in Oslo this year so lets us roll or something 😛
Birdie is done with her exam today, so there’s Lina and me left xD I’m the last one to take the exam though T_T

And well I realized today that our whole class got Norwegian as the subject… While the others class got either English, Norwegian or Math mixed… We’re the only class that doesn’t have that mix :O Oh, I guess we’re special somehow *ego alert*


One Comment on “My ego is busting”

  1. Hehe, wow, it’s finals week for you too?! GOOD LUCK!

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