The truth is…

:music: Taylor Swift – Teardrops on my guitar
:food: Cookies and Water
:quote: “Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth” – Relient K

OMG Lina and Birdie is still on that field trip I think O_O I’m bored to death (not literally meant). It’s been raining non-stop today which makes me so sad T_T It’s so dark outside, because of all the clouds 😦 I miss the sunny days xD
And I have some important things to tell Lina and Birdie (it’s really not that important), and I’m too lazy to SMS them ‘cuz I know that Birdie won’t be able to answer me back xD

I just realised that it’s only 3 weeks ’til our summer vacation :O I mean this is it… We won’t be in the same school anymore O_O –> reminds me of that exam essay I wrote xD
I really hope my music test went well, I’m getting really nervous by now. We gets the grades next week, and I really don’t know what to feel right now either…

I want yoghurt ice cream O_O and Simply Precious webmaster is lucky to already have summer vacation… (I know you’re reading xD)

To Simply Precious Webmaster:
It’s weird to know that you’re the only one reading besides some of my friends, and you’re the only one commenting too *tehehe*. I haven’t really given the link around and all.
I got this feeling that you were gonna update your blog today, so I went there and there it was a brand new blog! ;D And I already read it although I didn’t commented it, I don’t really know what to say you know 😐


One Comment on “The truth is…”

  1. Hehe, you’re funny(regarding your response back to me). Hehe. Hmm, and how did you know that I was going to blog today? Because of the “estimated time left until my next entry”?! Hehehe. Anyways… LOL, yeah, I am on summer vacation, but it’s not really a vacation or anything… Still stressed with stuff to do… =/ Oh, and it’s ok for not commenting! Hehe… Yeah, there isn’t much for you to comment on now, since I’m not in school… LOL…

    Anyways, aww, sorry that it’s been raining! =( I hate it when it rains!

    Hmm, you have about a week more of school than my sister. She doesn’t get out for another week and a half. Yeah, I do know what you mean about realizing that you won’t be going to the same school… =/ I know how that feels like… And I always thought that nothing’s going to change, but a WHOLE lot has changed… *sigh*… Anyways… Good luck with the results from the music test!

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