Music & Stars

:weather: It’s really sunny and hot O_O
:drink: Cocio
:music: RBD – Dame

Yay! We got our music test back today and I got 30 points out of 35 xD. That was the first time I got something good when it comes to music, really 😛 It will hopefully push my music grade a little up there ^^
I’m really flushed right now, don’t know what the reason are but I just am.

So I went out for barbeque with Birdie, her sister, her parents and my mother today. It was actually fun and the sun was shining as if there was no tomorrow. I mean, OMG the sun almost burnt us and the clock was almost 7 in the evening. We ate alot (what did you expect?) and ran around like dogs xD  And then we took alot of weird pictures of each other pulling faces…

We joked around for hours ’til we went home at 20:35 pm, and I’m here at 22:22 blogging about my day xD. What’s funny is that Frode our music teacher took the CD player outside and we started having class there while listening to Mozart and Il est bel et bon. Completely weird xD
And to top it all off our homeroom teacher Helge (you might have heard about him before) striked some weird pose for the camera another girl in class had with her xD, and then he told us that he is no supermodel 😆 .

That’s mostly how my day went to put it short *tehhee*

To :
I don’t know I just had the feeling that your blog was updated O_O
How come everyone gets summer vacation before me? *Jealous*

And the whole changing school thing… I’ve already experienced it, I mean we were going to junior high after elementary and best friends grew apart and became just friends or school mates. Makes me wonder how it’s gonna be now, will we just grow farther apart and all of that.                                                                                                 Sincerly signed Bao Chau


One Comment on “Music & Stars”

  1. LOL, I actually had friends who got off for the summer earlier than me… LOL… Yeah, I know what you mean about growing apart… *sigh…

    Anyways, wow, good job on the Music test!

    Hehe, I’m glad you had a nice day! =)

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