Gunshots and Japanese Tourists

:drink: Good Old Vietnamese Coffee *with milk*
:mood: In a good mood I guess
:music: Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

OMGosh T_T  The weather’s killing me ;O It’s too damn hot outside, I could almost not breath when I got out today O_O And we spent like, 5 – 6 hours outside yesterday when our class was at The Vigeland Park. We -as in me and three other friends of mine- decided to go up to the Monolitt sometime during our time there… As many norwegian people knows the park is a huge tourist attraction, and people from all over the world comes there to look at The Angry Boy or The Monolitt and others good works of Vigeland.

 Pics and Site:
About The Vigeland Park
The Monolitt
The Angry Boy

So the thing is, Tin and I were slacking at the foot of The Monolitt, when a group with japanese came, and we were all like : “Oooh, japanese. Let us try to understand what the guide is talking about.”. So we kind of looked really curious of the group when an old couple saw us, and I just looked at the lady right back. And then the couple said something among themselves while they looked at me and smiled.

So I got a little shy and began to laugh and looked at my friend Tin. After they was done talking the lady just came up to me and said something in Japanese, and we just looked at her with confused looks. I think she kind of understood that I couldn’t understand her so she pointed at her husband -which had a camera in his hands- and then back at me and her and said in bad English : “Together”.

That’s when I realized that she wanted to take a picture with us xD She sat right by me and her husband took a pic of us… She even said “Sankyuu” to us x3. The lady was cute, the husband was cute, ehehe they were both so cute x3. That was the most exciting thing that day.

I even went around the park, doing a gun sign with my hand, pointed them at kindergarten/elementary school kids and said *Bang!* to them. Almost all of them ignored me and those that noticed me gave me a goofy grin. I mean, didn’t they understand my joke? O_O

I did that to 4 of my classmates (3 boys, 1 girl), the first one grinned at me, the second one asked me what I had smoked this time (since I was laughing hysterically at the time I was doing this), and I said: “Good old grass (in Norwegian: God Gammeldags Gress)”.
The third one which was a girl (Ngoc), looked at me for 3 seconds before she responded with a “Huh?”. And the third guy? He waved at me! He effin’ waved at me O_O

OMG nobody understands the whole meaning with the Bang! thing except for those three girls I hang with. I mean. how hard is it to understand something like that? O_O
Yeah, well getting over that… I got my grades yesterday ^^ And I have no intention on announcing it either xD.

I realized today that it was a Dan Brown book and not a Philip Pullman xD
Geez I think I’m hung up on Philip Pullman these days, he’s pratically everywhere I go xD
Since I read this book of his and it’s has become a movie so I just had his name in my head for days now 😛

And I’ll be off now ^^ Ciao Ciao *blowing airkisses*


4 Comments on “Gunshots and Japanese Tourists”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    woah, you met japanese people? i want to meet someone too :mrgreen: LMAO, i’ll get Qiqi and tuyen to Frognerparken some day to stalk them XD

  2. Fake:Smiles says:

    Hehe, yeah I was even considering stalking the group… You know just go along with them and pretend that I understand what the guide is talking about xD

  3. AoiHikari says:

    Eh? they had a guide? woaah, sounds fun guiding japanese people XD lol, i seriously have to learn japanese this summer :mrgreen:

  4. Sorry to hear about the weather… =/

    LOL about the guide.

    Anyways, hehe, I’ve responded back to some of your comments in my latest entry, including what you wrote in this entry… LOL.

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