:mood: Happy
:music: Stay With Me – Taiyou No Uta OST
:weather: cloudy

Summer vacation is near, only a week left or so. My exams are finally finished :mrgreen: Poor Baoi, she has hers on friday. But she is kinda lucky, got english as subject. I wanted to get that, but instead i got history …-.-‘

Well, now that my exams are over, i have free until monday. The bad thing is that the temperature is starting to go down T_T i wanted to go to the beach >_<… It's said that the bathing temperature was 20°C, and that's alot.

Seriously, i dunno what to write more XD

Well then, Sayonara :mrgreen:


One Comment on “Free”

  1. Ooh, that’s awesome to hear about summer vacation! Glad your exams are over! Good luck to Baoi with her exams!

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