Last day of school

Last day of school yesterday… Kind of sad but that’s how it goes. I didn’t cry though, there were some who cried. Our what should I call it? It’s like graduation but it wasn’t… xD The students of the 10th grades sang, danced and held a speech. The teachers did too xD I loved that song the teachers in 10B 1/2 wrote and sang for us. It was so cute x3

The evening went great, we got our diplomas and the classes went out for dinner with their teacher… I didn’t went with them for the dinner thing, because I can’t eat too late.
My stomach kinda gets bloated and I won’t feel well afterwards. Stupid huh?

It’s weird thinking that last night was the last time I would see those teachers. OMG I’m not gonna cry, I wasn’t that attached to any of the students or the teachers anyway…
I’m used to moving around alot, and it’s amazing that I finished 3 years of junior high in the same school xD
And when it comes to the whole emotional parting stuff I just don’t feel anything at all -_-”

Yeah, I sound like an Ice Bitch but that’s how it works. I’ve gradually shut off people because I used to, as I say before, moved around alot and when I makes friends and gets attached we’ll move to another place. Wonderful life, hehe.

But enough about that… It’s summer break!!! And I’m going off to France and VN next weekend xD
Ciao for now! ^^ & Aoi will probably update her blog soon xD *actually she told me to update an hour earlier*


One Comment on “Last day of school”

  1. Hehe about your last day of school. The only time I was sad on my last day of school was for 6th grade. The rest, I was fine… LOL.

    Aww, that is sad that it’ll be the last time you’ll see those teachers… I still see some teachers I’ve had for elementary/middle/high school every now and then…

    Wow, you’re going to France? Have fun! And VN is Vietnam??

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