Christmas ^^

:mood: Happy
:food: Soup
:music: Lalala – Lee Soo Young
:drink: Coke

Wow it has been such a long time since i last wrote a blog :mrgreen:

The site seems pretty dead now….and FS said that the host will soon expire T_T
This will probably be one of the last blog entries if it will expire XD

Anyway, midterms are finally finished, and there’s only 2 weeks until Christmas vacation, and a few day extra til Christmas ^^ waii can’t wait

Well that’s it

Sayonara :mrgreen:


3 Comments on “Christmas ^^”

  1. Fake:Smiles says:

    omfg :O I didn’t realized that you wrote a new entry xD

  2. You’re back!! Sorry I haven’t been visiting for awhile! I’ve been sooooo busy! I still am! =(

    Anyways, huh? Who’s FS?

    I’m glad that midterms are over for you! Have a great winter break! =)

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