Non scholae, sed vitae discimus

Okay, so I’m back… From wherever I’ve been. Yeah, so I’m the laziest/worst blogger ever to walk on earth right now, believe it or not.
But whatever Baoii is back, with her weird sense of humor, and I shall tell you that I’ve reached a new level of randomness/weirdness. So I really deserve some extra credits for this… I guess my new highschool does influence the students that goes there. Our teacher once said “Never have I met such weird people like those I’ve met here in Katta”.

FYI, we (as in Lina and I) are now attending OKS (Oslo Katedralskole, Oslo Cathedral School in english), so suck on that, huh! No, we are not being educated by nuns and priests nor do we use uniforms… And we’re not stuck-up catholic girls either, well Lina is catholic but uhm, I don’t think she’s a stuck-up brat.
Anyways, school has been a little too hectic and I’ve now visited Paris once again since summer. Is it so weird that I don’t have the time to blog at all?
New school, new class, new teachers, new subjects (maybe?), new classmates and new student body…
Our school is weird but I love it! If I didn’t, why would I’ve applied in the first place? xD

Anyways, hasta pronto niños y niñas!

About our school if anyone is kind of confused:


One Comment on “Non scholae, sed vitae discimus”

  1. LOL about being weird. I’ve met weird people before. Hehe.

    Anyways, good luck with school!

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