Cupcakes and Smart Club

:music: Yuna Ito – Journey
:food: Cupcake
:mood: Happy

Waii, new skin ^^ gives such a spring feeling …
I’m finally back, and will start blogging again (I believe), unless my laziness starts again >..<

Today me and Baoi took a trip to smart club, just for one reason; to buy UFOs. The same reason as all the other times we went to smart club. I can’t believe we even went there when it was snowing heavily just to get those UFOs…we’re really crazy. anyway, just like all the other times, we was in there for over an hour or so XD just watching things, and play around with the piano and the drumset there >.< We also took a strange dance from one place to another, people were staring as us like we were some crazy people … but I have to admit we are kinda weird 😳

That's all for today, will write more later ^^

It just occured to me how long it's been since I've been hyper, especially at the same time with Baoi.


2 Comments on “Cupcakes and Smart Club”

  1. Fake:Smiles says:

    Aren’t that our signature? Our craziness I mean… Hey! That dance was awesome alright!

    I’m hyper all the time ;D Maybe you need some oranges? (i)

  2. AoiHikari says:

    That dance was <3, we should have had Diep with us :mrgreen:

    I don’t think oranges will help xD I wonder what made me hyper before

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