Being Followed >.

:mood: Scared
:food: Candy – UFOs
:music: Ayaka – Te Wo Tsunagou

So today I had a “confession day” (skriftedag, with the priest and stuff) It started at 2 o’clock and lasted til almost 9. It’s pretty long, and you may think it’s really boring. But it was actually quite fun, since we did a lot of things, and the the priest speeches was funny.

But before I went to the confession, I went to the library since i had to borrow some books. (for those who don’t know, the library lies 3 mins away from the church where the confession was held). Everything was fine, until I was leaving the library. On my way out, I met a guy that was on his way in to the library. He was about 30 to 40 years old I think, at least he looked that old. When I went down the stairs, he just stared at me. I just ignored it and continued walking. The strange thing was that when I went out the door, he followed me. Before i knew it he was suddenly next to me. I was shocked. Then all of sudden he said to me: Nice weather, and asked me: where are you going. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do, I just stood there. Luckily it was alot of people outside so he coudn’t do anything there. I ended up calling my friend just to have someone to talk to. And when I decided to go, he followed. It was freaking scary. When I was close to a swing, I start running like a mad person until I reached the church. The strange thing was that I felt like I have seen this man somewhere before, but I just don’t know where. But I definitely do not know him.

Scary day, i feel like I’ve been followed by so many people lately >.< It freaks me out …I'm getting really paranoid

Edit: I miss folding cranes XD should I make a thousand new? :mrgreen:
Browsing the old blog made me think of a thing … Diep I'll pay you back for the watermelon box incident this summer ^^


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