I've got a husband…

:music: – The Ataris – The Saddest Song
:drink: – Water is still the best thing for the mankind
:weather: – Dark, Night
:food: – Jelly Beans

Regarding to Lina’s earlier entry. So the stalker got stalked, huh? I never thought that I’d be able to see this day XD

LOL, anyway I was at the cinema today with Tin a friend of mine… We watched a movie named Mannen som elsket Yngve (The man who loved Yngve). It’s based on a novel written by Tore Rensberg. The movie was pretty good, the soundtrack was fun to listen to. Mostly the songs that Mattias Rust Band played XD. I still have the song Fortapt (sung by the main character) on my mind. I recommend this movie to all norwegians really ;D Yes, it’s that good ^^

Okay so it’s spring break and I don’t really have anything to do in the holiday, since all the stores will be closed until school starts. What if I really need something badly? u_u
Hehe, I had this nightmare about a man called The Demonman or something… And he kind of stalked me and my husband. My husband! OMG that’s what I call nightmare u_u
Anyway Lina… What’s up with all these stalking issues? Do you think it’s karma? x_x


One Comment on “I've got a husband…”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    T_T i don’t know why. I haven’t done anything, and I have not stalked for a long time. not until recently when I stalked suju T_T I don’t know if I will dare to stalk like before anymore >.<

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