We inspires , yes we do (really!)

:music: – The Used – The Taste of Ink
:quote: – “Hold nothing back, like you’ve nothing to lose. Love with all you have, like you don’t have a clue what it’s costing you.” – This Providence
:drink: – A cup of green tea please

Okay, so I added a new blog at the blogroll today… Uhm, Noypinoy, it’s our friend’s blog. And if anyone have read his first blog entry you’ll understand that Lina and I have inspired this guy to make a blog! Who would thought that? LOL we are so proud right now that I’m sure our egos are way up in the sky or something XD

Anyway, my WHOLE day (not really) have been used to help this guy installing his blog. Which was really funny, since we didn’t manage to do the right thing somehow. So Rolf went all ohnooo, and I just found the situation hilarious xD Ah, but we managed to get it done after we (I) changed the configuration file like 5-6 times or something.

My day haven’t been that eventful, I’m getting a sore throat or something. Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that a certain someone transferred it to me through MSN… Just like a virus you know? You never know these days with all this modern technology surrounding us (tsk tsk).
So because of this event, I want to welcome Rolf into the big family, the Heroes Inc. !! Give it up for our new member *ehhem*

P.S: Why do you have green tea with puffed rice, Lina? Oh no, don’t tell me that you had sushi *gaaahh*, I want sushi, green tea ice-cream and tempura ice-cream u_u

To Simply-Precious:

OMFG, do you know what? I didn’t realized that you sent me a christmas card until I read through the blog and saw your comment way back then o_o. Oh my, I feel so bad right now for not notizing it u_u So I’m thanking you here and now for the card ;D And hope you have a nice spring break, your mood is on their way up I think (according to Facebook) ^^


4 Comments on “We inspires , yes we do (really!)”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    Ah, I didn’t eat sushi. I have green tea with puffet rice home, you can buy it at JT ..

    You just had to mention sushi right ? T_T i want it..I also want green tea, temure ice-cream T_T gyaah Nam Kang, we have to go and eat there one day ^^

  2. Fake:Smiles says:

    yeah! Nam Kang! Even though ur sister said tha the owner is scary when he’s drunk x3

  3. AoiHikari says:

    Yup ^^, she said she found anew korean restaurant, I wonder what they have there XD … waii you changed the skin ^^

    I still can’t find the easter egg you talked about 😕

  4. Fake:Smiles says:

    omg I forgot to change it back xD I was just running some tests xD

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