:music: Full House OST
:weather: Windy
:drink: Water ^^
:quote: Your best day is ahead of you, not behind you

I just got the spring feeling a few days ago, and BAM, when I woke up, everything was all white 😡 I don’t think I’ve ever experienced Good Friday with snow O.o I do remember it was raining once, but snow? >.< Edit: okey easter is really early this year, so this is perhaps the reason. But still it looked like spring a couple of days ago -.-'

*Sigh* My older sister is going to Thailand tomorrow.Two weeks in a heavenly place. Sunshine, beaches and food! Did you hear it? FOOD!!! Delicious FOOD! And in the meantime I’ll be stuck here with a bunch of homework (probably) and bad weather.

Right now I’m listening to Gom Se Ma Ri. It brings back memories from Full House. Seriously I’m going to watch it again after I finish writing this. I shoudn’t really do it, they eat a lot of food in there >._<


4 Comments on “FOOOOOD!!!”

  1. Fake:Smiles says:

    I forgot the homework part :O Math, Science and Geography! ;O :s7:

  2. AoiHikari says:

    gyah math T_T I don’t want to do it .. do we have science homework?? :s2:

  3. Fake:Smiles says:

    no I have to write those reports u-u

  4. Hehe, I’d love to go to places for the food! Hehe!

    Hehe about snowing on Good Friday. We don’t get snow here, so it was nice on Good Friday, probably the same every year. Hehe…

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