it's over with!

:music: Saturnus – All Alone
:drink: Green Tea w/ Lemon
:heart: the SL bus ._. (I can’t stop thinking about it :s7: )

We’re finally done with mock exams! I’m so happy right now, and then we have a two-days-break + the week-end which means no school for 4 days!
Since mock exams is over we decided to have a BBQ “party” tomorrow, the first one this year. The weather has been so nice lately and even if it rains tomorrow it won’t even matter because we deserves this!
After 5 days “straight” with mock exams (Lina got 4 days only), it’s finally good to have my life back :s4: . Not that I have one but it’s still good to do whatever I want to do xD
Anyway BBQ tomorrow! :s5: Bye for now, I’m tired (kind of)
Baoii :s8:


One Comment on “it's over with!”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    I’m sooooo happy mock exams are over :mrgreen: I thought I would die ….

    can’t wait till tomorrow, BBQ party :s5:

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