you wouldn't like me if I were normal

:mood: – Tired & in a bad mood
:music: – The Used – Earthquake
:quote: – “She had an earthquake on her mind
apparently the kind that would bury us alive
by putting all this weight on us forever
~ The Used

I’ve been having major headaches lately, and right now is one of those moments. The reason has to be that I left my glasses at a friend’s house, and this friend lives in another town, which mean that I haven’t been able to fetch them back. I’ve been using my reserve glasses lately and since I’ve astigmatism, it’s hard to use these reserve glasses that doesn’t have the thing that help my vision to adjust right. So whenever I read something I have to strain my eyes and well that’s the cause for the headache.
Anyway tomorrow is the Norwegian Constitution Day and every store will be closed off :10: but well I’m going to the fair I guess… Even though the weather will be bad, like rain and cold. So I don’t think it’ll be fun, hmm.

Okay, so I was sitting in class here the other day, and the guy (W) who sat in front of me turned to me and asked: “So what is the difference between hentai and anime anyway?”
And well I just had to answer so I said: “Well, hentai is like porn and anime is..” *getting cut off by W*
W: “I mean, what’s is the difference anyway? Porn appears anyway whenever we google either of them!” *smiling*
Me: *completely speechless* (because, honestly I didn’t know what to respond to that comment :11: while thinking that well obviously W has tried this kind of thing before :19: )
And then the guy beside me just had to ask me if I’ve watched Hentai or not, I answered no, of course, and he told me that I was lying… :6:
They’re still teasing me though, well the guy who sits beside me anyway, just because I was reading my Densha Otoko novel. :5:

Okay, I should really stop now, I haven’t had dinner at all today, hence my bad mood. And no I’m not on a diet nor am I anorexic, because trust me, the chances for me to go anorexic is zero %. Food is far too delicious to fear it. No way in hell am I going to cut out my precious baby :s4: !

To Simply Precious: Oh! You’ve got to try BBQ in the park some time, it’s fun and really cozy :s5: . It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, because it’s really not that difficult. It’s perfect for some BBQ when the summer season is here you know :17: .


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