Update 21.05.08

HOHOHO, Fake:Smiles talking here. Okay that was just weird… :12:
I put on a gallery plugin today, and I’m still testing the whole thing out. We will hopefully put in some weird pictures or something when we feel like it so yeah… That was the only thing I wanted to share today xD

PS. I made cupcakes today! And then we’ll be given the subject for our written exam tomorrow, at 14.30 PM :10: . Subjects I can get is English or Spanish, and Lina might get chosen for English.

Song of the day: Baila Chiki Chiki
A song submitted for the Eurovision contest 2008 by Spain. Our spanish teacher laughed a lot when we asked her if we could watch this in class today. Before putting it on she said: “This is so embarrassing” :s4: She also told us that the guy usually appears on TV with that hairdo and his little guitar just like that, afterwards. You know, the whole image thing :7:


2 Comments on “Update 21.05.08”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    Thank God we didn’t get up in any subject :1: I’m sooo happy :17: :s5:

    Gonna blog later, if I remember

  2. Oh, cool, the gallery plugin! Haha, I’ve never used any of those before, since I don’t upload pictures onto my site… Haha.

    But yes, that’s great about the cupcakes! =)

    Ooh, and good luck with the subject of the exam too!

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