Yellow cars

:music: – Best of You – Foo Fighters
:quote: – “Evil triumphs, when good men do nothing” ~ Edmund Burke
:food: – Macadamia Cookie
:temp: – 34 Celsius

Hey, my name is Bao Chau and I have a radar for yellow and orange things ;D *giggles* Mostly cars, and that makes me wonder… Why do people even buy yellow cars o.o I mean it does look a little bit too bright for the eyes sometimes right? Like when the sun is shining as if there’s tomorrow, but I guess it brights up the streets when it is a rainy day and gloomy. Note to self: Remember to walks around in the rain someday to see if the yellow cars really does brighten up the streets.

Anyway I thought of something weird yesterday. Okay, so does girls really need boys? If we want to feel like we’re in love and happy, all we have to do is just to eat some chocolate bars. Because chocolate triggers a hormone called phenylephylamine, and this is the same hormone that the brain triggers when we fall in love. And then if we want to get heart broken, all we need is your bestfriend or someone that can take all your chocolates from you! TA-DAH! We don’t need boys, I think… Okay, just random thoughts that invaded my mind yesterday when I walked home from school :s4: .

We didn’t get a subject for our written exam by the way! And our oral exams has officially gotten cancelled, because of the teacher strike that lasted for 7 days (for our school), 12 days for Oslo anyway. OMG, I’m so glad that I won’t might get up in oral Spanish. Well, it might be French next year but that’s not something I’m worrying about now XD


2 Comments on “Yellow cars”

  1. Woah, that’s crazy about the teachers being on strike so that you won’t have to take your exams! LUCKY YOU!!!

  2. Ace says:

    Interesting theory Baoii, have you ever thought of the consequences of eating too much chocolate ? i mean, if my diet coke can make me go blind…. and what about BC”Theleafpile” junior, who’s gonna bring the nguyen familyname videre her i verden.. :s1:

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