:mood: Happyyyy…..
:food: watermelon
:drink: water
:music: Big Bang – Lies/Always

So, I was supposed to write a blog entry ages ago … but, everytime I went to the site, I was too lazy to start writing … Sorry Baoi *hit myself* :10:

Okey, today we had a cleaning day at school … It took us almost two hours to finish cleaning, and afterwards me and Baoi went to the city. At first, I was going to look at some clothes, but all stores were still closed because it was too early. Actually they open at 10, but Baoi and I was there 9.50 or something … :11: . Instead of waiting for the stores to open, we decided to grab something to eat. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything at Ica. So, we ended up at Norli’s Book Festival. Baoi bought two books, and I none, since i coudn’t find anything. At 11.15 I had a dentist appointment, so I had to leave. Baoi was now with Tin, and they were at Tanum i think. At least that’s where they where when I came back. Baoi went hyper, during the time I was absent and Tin was sort of going with the flow. They were like this when I came :17: :17:

After a loooong time at Tanum, we decided to leave. I had to buy something at H&M next to the cinema, so we went there. Tin went home, so it was just me and Baoi again. Guess where our next destination was? …Clas Ohlson …Baoi and I literally went crazy in there. We spent quite a time at the kitchen division. We kept talking about weird things we can use to “freak out our future roommate”, thanks to a “10 things to freak out your roommate thing”. Seriously, I’m going to try out a few of them in the future.

Now, after hanging out in Clas Ohlson, what do we do next? …. The answer is *drumrolls* EATING *we haven’t eaten anything for the whole day*So, after discussing where and what to eat, we ended up at Chopsticks :1: . Once again, we spent a crazy long time there, and both of us started to get hyper :17: . We started to fold origami and talked about the weirdest thing there. From hitting a teddybear to paperflies to forests and kidnapping :11: Baoi was messing up with salt and pepper and I had to clean up after her. Or rather, I had to cover what she spilt :0:

Finally, we decided to go home. Just when I was entering my door, Baoi called me. She forgot her bag there -.- My friends little brother also ate there, and he called me to say that Baoi forgot it ….right after baoi called me. so Baoi ended up rushing back to Chopstick to get her bag ….

That was pretty much our day … -.- This post was long :16: Well at least it’ll make up for all the times I didn’t write …

Oh yeah … Baoi and I have decided to count how many times we manages to hit ourself during a week starting from yesterday … Here’s the list:

Yesterday: me … twice ..Baoi forgot to count
Today: baoi once, … me non yet XD


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