The Fun in Toy Stores

:quote: “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe
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It’s summer vacation, yay! Our summer vacation started one week earlier than it was supposed to start, because we didn’t have any exams at all xD. The weather has been weird lately… I remember that the weather was at its best in the teachers-on-strike week, but it has gone down badly after that week. I remember that it was hailing on Tins birthday, and I was on the phone with Tin when it started to hail. I remember asking her: “Is it hailing?”. And she went, “No, it’s just raining really, really hard”. Being me at the time I just had to argue, “I’m pretty sure it is hailing!”. Yeah, we figured out that it might have hailed on my side of the city and not hers…

Lina and I were out to look for presents on the day that Tin was going to celebrate her birthday with friends, and on that day we realized something. Something that is going to change our lives forever (no, not really :17: ). We realized that we really adore toy stores, especially those big ones. We spent 2 hours in two different toy stores, taking pictures of ourselves run around playing with guns, bicycles and such. It was so funny because the customers might have thought that we were some nutcases, and the small kids was really pissed off at us because we were playing with this weird Pooh video game :19: . We were there first, god dammed it!

So we went to another store after that one, and I wanted to test a whoopee cushion! It might not have been the greatest idea, but I tried it out! So I put it on a chair and I sat on it but no sound really came out, and Lina looked weird at me as if asking me why it didn’t work. It turns out I didn’t really put my weight on it, so I did and this really weird, disgusting sound came out, and it might have been the loudest one ever made, by me of course. I was so surprised and I guess the customers were too because all of those that stood in the line at the counter turned their head and looked at me.
Note: The chair where I sat was merely 2 metres away from the counter so I was really close to it. Anyways, Lina emerged in laughter and ran away from me to hide, and I was immediately on my feet to hide too, when I remembered that have to take the cushion with me. So I crept out from the corner and the lady at the line was still looking at my direction, but yeah, I was still laughing at myself at the time and didn’t really cared and went to put the whoopee cushion back. After doing that, I went out on a mission to find Lina. And there she was crawling on her hands and knees behind a shelf still laughing her ass off. This is where I too abrupted in laughter and joined her on the floor :17: .

I can’t say that I regretted trying the whoopee cushion, because I’m seriously considering doing it again one of these days.

Response to comments from the last entry, Yellow Cars <33:

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy that we got out of that one :s4:, I’m but next year is going to be hectic though :s7: .

Did you know that I had to use 80 % of my brain powers on your comment, and five minutes to figure out what you wrote? Okay, so dark chocolate is supposed to help you reduce the risks of heart diseases (Read more here at BBC News). Or here: Quick Health Facts.
As to my descendants, well have you ever heard of IVF? I mean, we need a man then but we don’t need to meet the man and we certainly don’t have to deal with the man. And girls will have their child with that solution my friend. What do you think the homosexuals do to obtain a child these days? Yes IVF or adoption.


2 Comments on “The Fun in Toy Stores”

  1. Sorry to hear about the weather, but that’s awesome that you’re on summer vacation!

    LOL about toy stores! I haven’t been to an actual toy store in FOREVER! I’d just go into the video games section. =P

    LOL about the whoppie cushion. My sister and her friends are the type of people to do that, not me. LOL.

  2. AoiHikari says:

    I should have filmed you when you tried the whoppie cushion :11: