The King of them all

:music: – The Submarines – Brighter Discontent
:food: – Lindt Petit Desserts Crème Brûlée (My fave right now!)
:video: – Feast of Love (go watch it! It’s such a beautiful movie :9: )
:mood: – In denial about pretty much everything.
:heart: – Trying to forget, it’s not working but still trying.
:quote: – “Do you think love is a trick nature plays on people so that we’ll make more baies? Or do you think that it’s everything, the only meaning there is to this crazy dream?” ~ Bradley from Feast of Love

It’s been almost two months since my last entry and it’s weird that the time has passed so fast this summer :s2: . I was in France for 18 days that’s almost three weeks, and I was net-less (well not actually but I didn’t touch the computer at all except for that one time I had to check my school acceptance thingy xD). So yeah I completely went into this holiday mode afterwards, and I’m pretty sure Lina did too and she had her summer job to worry about too, so yeah… Anyway life has been so chill lately that I can barely keep track of time :s4: meaning I can’t remember what day it is. School starts this monday the 18th and I don’t want to go back there for the love of God! I’m sure second year is going to be pretty much more hectic than last year, and to top it off I have to socialize alot this year! I’m not ready to socialize again :6:, I’m so laaaazy as it is and they want me to prance around socializing with new people? :11:

Okay so I’ve to go to this birthday party at Sunday, so that means that I’ve only one day left of my vacation chilling? :8: No, no it can’t be it, no, no, no. And yes I’m in Denial Land. Gaaaaah!!! Okay, whatever don’t wanna think about it :20:
So have anyone seen The Dark Knight? Not that I’ve seen it, haha xD I’m planning on seeing The Forbidden Kingdom with Lina though. Seriously, Jackie Chan, Jet Li AND the Monkey King, what more can a vietnamese girl asks for? A bowl of Pho with that, anyone? :19: Totally drooling now, but the Monkey King!! It’s my childhood hero! I was so hooked on him when I was a little girl that when I found a Monkey King story book in my house, I was determined that I will surely read it when I’ve finally learned how to read probably. And so came the day when I could read probably, I can still remember that day, I ran all the way home and looked for it but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Turns out my aunt has already thrown/giving it away. I was so disappointed that day, and settled on watching the television series instead… All of this was in kindergarten mind you, I was probably 4 or 5 years old, and I still haven’t read that book yet… Yeah, pretty much my first dream shattered or something but I learned to read faster because of that determination so it isn’t like it’s so bad. My goal was set and I reached it and I’m content with it :s5:


2 Comments on “The King of them all”

  1. Feast of Love was a good movie? I didn’t like it…

    Wow, going back to school already? Good luck, and I hope your first day goes well! Oh wow, and you went to France too? That sounded great!

    Yeah, I know what you mean about having stuff to do during the last couple of days of your vacation. Hehe…

    I LOVE Pho! Hehe!

  2. AoiHikari says:

    Forgive my laziness baoi u.u … It was supposed to be my turn, but yeah, i forgot or rather, to lazy to write.

    School is starting tomorrow already T_T i don’t want to go.

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