It’s Sushi time!

Sushi Cake:
So this cake is basically an ordinary cake but it’s made so it looks like a platter of sushi. I found this off the interweb and it’s so amazing to look at, thought I wanted to share :s4: I gotta say that whoever made this cake got mad skills!

Sushi Candy:

Cute looking sushi candies XD, and no, they do not taste like sushi… I bet you want one of these candy bags though.

Sushi-bar set:

This is the one I love the most, look at the mini sushi bar :s4: and at the sushi chef harhar. Yes, it’s just toys but who cares! They’re adorable and expensive (Click on the picture to look at its full size)


3 Comments on “It’s Sushi time!”

  1. AoiHikari says:

    :s2: omg the cake O.o gaah i want it T_T

  2. OMG, I LOVE sushi!!! Hehe! That cake really does look good!

    Hmm, sushi candy… Isn’t really too appealing to me. Hehe.

    OMG, that mini sushi bar is AWESOME though! Dang! Hehe!

  3. Ace says:

    drool* :s8:

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