He's my best friend…

:drink: – a cup of hot chocolate
:music: – Risky Business (Hide the Key) – The Cab
:quote: – *whispering* “A lot of S-E-X…” – Edvin S.
“Huh? What?!?” – Johannes. “Urgh… S-E-X” – Edvin S. *Clueless looks from the whole class*
“SEX…” – *Hanan spoke up in a duuh-voice*.
“AAAH!” – Knowing look from Johannes. “You were slow now, weren’t ya, Johannes?” Edvin S. in a teasing voice

Okay, so that quote is something that happened in one of my classes. Edvin S. is my English teacher, and Hanan was having this presentation about “An equal music”, a book about a gay relationship or something. Haha, don’t ask, the book was in our book list :s4: . Anyway Edvin S. just started to whisper “A lot of S-E-X” when Hanan came to the part where he was supposed to tell us what the book was about. Since Edvin spelt the words so fast nobody really caught what he was saying, so yeah :17: . Yeah, our english teacher is totally weird but he’s so fun in class :s5: .

Okay, moving on… I’ve got a new best friend! He has been living with us for 2 weeks now and he’s awesome! It’s more like he won’t “move” out, and my mom has taken a liking to him anyway. He’s with me wherever I go nowadays, even when I’m in the bathroom… So I know that you all are like “WTH? He follows her into the bathroom too? What kind of sick friend is he?”, but do not worry I’ll now give you a description of my friend.

My new best friend’s name is Brach, he’s got big black eyes and short hair. He’s energetic, and likes to “sing”. As you already know, he likes to follow me around. He circles elegantly around our house, with swift motions. He loves food, therefore you can mainly find him in our kitchen but he also likes to hang out in the bathroom as well. His body is rather strong builded but you can find yourself easily hurting him with a light touch. He leaps away whenever you get to near…
My new best friend’s name is Brach.
With his transparent wings he likes to fly high, my new best friend is a fly… :heart: :heart: :heart:


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