:music: ~ Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
:mood: ~ Tired and sleepy

Well today’s Vietnamese/Chinese New Year, so we’re now entering the bull’s year! Taadaa~ So I’m going to wish everyone a Happy New Moon Year (or something) once again :1: .

I also turned 18 on the 14th January… But I still feel young as ever, except the fact that I’ve been really forgetful as of lately. Being 18 does not really feel that good, I’m still living the same life and doing the same thing every day so I can’t really feel like there has been any changes to my life. Maybe it’s just me who feel this way though.

Anyways here are something I crocheted for my friend.

It’s such a small thing! x3 This was a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. I want one myself but I’m so lazy, I haven’t even finished Lina’s bunny yet… :7:

“Cupcake”: A cell-phone charm.

I crocheted this for Lina once, the beads on it are supposed to be sprinkles xD, and it was so small that I nearly got cross-eyed making it. And another friend of mine thought it was a pear :6: , I was freestyling so it turned out rather pointy, that’s probably why…

I’ll probably crochet more in the future and post them up when I have time, but that’s it for now ;D


One Comment on “260109”

  1. Hehe, turning 18 was nothing to me, until… I graduated from high school. That was when ALL of the responsibilities and everything came upon me!! It SUCKS now! =(

    AWW!! Nice crochet stuff! A cell phone charm! I’d love that! Hehe!

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