:music: T-Max – Paradise

One more day left ’til our winter vacation! Finally a little bit of vacation from school, I’m going to sleep and sleep and oh well, sleep! I love just lying there in bed and stare at the roof, I can do this for almost one hour each weekend… Yeah, I know, I’m wasting my time but it’ so chill!

Anyway, it’s Friday 13th tomorrow and our school’s theatre is going have a PR-raid at the main street. Promoting this year’s play “The Cherry Orchard” by Anthon Chekhov. It’s going to be FUN. And then, it’s Valentine’s Day!
Quoting an avatar that I have: “Valentine’s Day: like we really need another day of the year to feel like shit because we’re single. Thank you effin’ Hallmark.”
But you know what? It’s totally acceptable if you just stay in and watch a few movies with yours boyfriends Ben & Jerry :s7:


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