Valentine's Day

:music: The Dø – At Last
:heart: :heart: :heart: —> Because it’s Valentine’s day…

I hope everyone will have a lovely Valentine’s Day today, dateless or not ;D It’s a “hang-out-with-your-loved-ones” day, so it isn’t just your boyfriend/girlfriend that you can hang out with. So spend the day with your family and friends, have fun! :s8:
Urgh… I want cake now just because Valentine’s Day reminds me of cakes and chocolate, and I’m hungry too which make my craving worse.
How dare my mom eat a banana now? Aaargh the smell of edible things :s7: ! Okay, I think I’ll cook something now. :s1:
Have a wonderful day!


2 Comments on “Valentine's Day”

  1. Hehehe, yeah, I actually got a craving for these cupcakes I saw at the store today, but didn’t buy! LOL.

  2. Fake:Smiles says:

    Nooo… Why didn’t you buy it? If you crave, you buy xD That should totally be Lina’s proword, because she always buy food when she craves it 😛 I don’t do that, but you know… once in a while won’t do any harm 😛 Did they look good though? Cupcakes are the LOVE!

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