Evacuate now!

:music: – The Republic Tigers – Fight Song (everytime I listen to this song I just wanna dance, love the beat!)

Lately, I’ve been on a Bones and Fringe marathon… Bones is just so fun, Booth and his Cocky belt clipper just crack me up sometimes. And the chemistry between Bones and Booth is undeniable, Sweets is right, there’s something xD. I’m so addicted to Bones, and I’m so fascinated with all the weird things happening on Fringe that I don’t even want to go out :20: . Yeah, I’m serious addicted and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and his sarcasm is starting to grow on me. Beware, I might become more sarcastic than before!


2 Comments on “Evacuate now!”

  1. Joshua Jackson’s hot! Haha, well, I don’t know how he looks like now, though… Hahah.

    • Fake:Smiles says:

      Joshua Jackson has aged alot since Dawson’s Creek and put on weight, but he’s still the same celebrity that I crushed on when I was young tho’ 😀

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