Another heart calls

:food: – Chocolate cake with M&M’s made by a friend of mine
:drink: – Black tea
:music: 3685 – Spill Canvas
:quote: “What can I do
Say it’s true
Everything that matters breaks in two
Say it’s true
I’ll never ask for anyone but you” – AAR

I’m so tired today. Woke up at 09.30 or something, which is unusual for me on a weekend especially a Sunday. So now I just wanna crawl into my bed and curl up in a ball and sleep the night away, and my arm hurts for some weird reason. All the more reason to go to sleep or what? But I’m watching a movie right now, I think. And I don’t have school tomorrow ‘cuz it’s our mock exams next week and I’ve got a preparation day for English, but I doubt I’ll work with English most likely Math ‘cuz I suck.
I’ve gone through 3 of 6 mock exams now, Managerial Economics, Norwegian (bm) and French, and have got 3 left, English, Norwegian (nn) and Math. Yeah, twice with Norwegian… WTH, right? Anyways, the only thing I worry about is Math and English… Hope I don’t mess it up or something, and then I’m heading for Netherland for a few days after that 😀


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