Nostalgia – 020410

Life was so much easier when boys didn’t know how to break your heart, when playgrounds were your second home and your dream was to become someone great. I for an instance wasted my days away running through the neighbourhood with my best friends, one at a time ’cause they disliked each other, thinking we were the coolest kids at the time. There was nothing to worry about then, no grades and no future to plan because right there and then, life was practically to live in the now. It didn’t matter about what the future would bring, because when you’re nine you’re invincible and I do miss those time. But I like my life now too, and if I were to get a chance to go back to the time I was nine to relive my childhood, I wouldn’t choose it.
For me it is the past, and I’ve learnt not to look back and regret because the now is where I am and this is where I want to be. And so should you folks, live in the now and in ten years from now you’ll look back and it will be something great worth remembering…

Love, Bao Chau


2 Comments on “Nostalgia – 020410”

  1. Haha, you’re right, life was DEFINITELY easier back then! I never regret the past. I’ve definitely have some great memories of everything that’s happened to me. Too bad we can’t just live through those great memories again. Haha.

  2. AoiHikari says:

    wow, that was deep :s5:

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