Last day of summer

You know it’s the last day of summer when your workplace is closing for the season. I was there today to hand in my work clothes but there was a party going on so my bosses were super busy. Anyways this party is like the last thing my workplace, Lekter’n, hold before they close for the season. It’s basically a party where they try to use up all the beer from the tank. Yeah, it’s kind of a way to get rid of excessive beer before the open the tank to clean it. Why waste it when you can sell it for a cheap prize right? ๐Ÿ˜€ So when I talked to one of my boss and he said that it may be problematic for me to turn in my clothes today because all of my other bosses were running around trying to serve beer toย  invited guests like crazy. I basically gave up then and told him I’ll be back tomorrow. Then I went to my co-worker and got my last ice cream for the year, at least from Lekter’n. I stood there for like 15 minutes or so and chit chatted with my co-worker, Siri, while I waited for my friend, Tin, to come. Tin seems to always miss the bus or something whenever we try to meet up with her xD. So we hung around the city talking about random stuffs like we use to do.

And then we went to the MAC store because I wanted to find the tinted lip conditioner that I wanted in Gentle Coral that was sold out at this other store in Oslo. It’s also discontinued from the line so I was pretty down, but I decided that I might buy the Fuchsia Fix. Before I bought it though I wanted to go to the second MAC store that I haven’t visited yet to see if they had it there, but my hope wasn’t that high after I talked to the lady from the MAC website about it. And there I was prepared to take the Fuchsia Fix place when I saw it! The last jar of Gentle Coral! And I was so happy because I finally got to buy something that I wanted from the MAC store that wasn’t discontinued or sold out because it was limited edition. I’m totally happy now! HAHAHAH!

No, I’m not that crazy about makeup. It’s just that I was pretty pissed becaused they decided to discontinue the only colour I liked out of all five ๐Ÿ˜› The colour does seems a little too much in the jar but it barely comes out like that on the lips, it looks just naturally when applied and I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hehe, just random rants from me today it seems ๐Ÿ˜› I know I’m gonna missย  my workplace and all my coworkers this winter though D:


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