So I went to the yarn store today to buy more skeins (I need 3 skeins or something), and when I came there it was another colour in its place! So I was devastated ’cause that usually means that it’s sold out. So I asked the clerk whether they had my colour ’cause I couldn’t see it, and she went into the backroom to check it out. She came out some time later and said that I had to wait ’til next week, and I was like oh, which weekday then? And she answered Friday!

Oh god, Friday! That’s almost one week from now… I was pretty sure I was going to finish it this weekend so I could wear it next week. So I ended up with buying 5 skeins of another colour so I could have two of them, but my mom is hogging my crochet hook so I can’t even start to work on it. My life is such a disappointment these days. To top it all off, my friend, Tuyen, and I went to the health club to do some work-out today and when we arrived it was closed! We were standing there looking like idiots while we tried to validate our member bracelets so we could open the door. And when we realized it’s closed, we still tried to open it. It has been a sad, sad day.

PS. I met a store clerk in the grocery store today who was talking to her colleague while she was holding salads in her hands. Then she sniffed at the salad and said to the other one: “Do you want to smell my bush?”
HAHAHAHHA, I was like “WTF?” because it sounded so wrong! Probably the only highlight of my day 😛 DS.


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