The things you do…

My cousin took me by surprise today when he asked me, over Yahoo, whether he could bake a cake with the microwave oven or not. He might have been a little bit disappointed when I said “hell no! are you crazy??”, but after a little bit of googling I found out that it’s possible!
Wait what? Right? That’s what I thought too. But he was already out when I found out so I haven’t had a chance to tell him. Besides I’m not sure I’m completely comfortable with him baking his first cake EVER with a microwave oven. Now you’re probably thinking that my cousin is a nutcase because he wants to use the microwave, and somehow a little bit cute that he wants to make an attempt at baking a cake. How many guys are willing to bake a cake, really? Not many that I know of, for sure.

Anyways, when said cousin is living in Vietnam there’s not a normal thing having a baking oven in your house. So the only option he has is obviously the microwave or buy an oven, which is an expensive item. Second of all, I’m pretty sure, the only reason he wants to bake a cake is to give it to his girlfriend. Harhar I know right? Damn,what a man wants to do for love right? His firt love nonetheless! Anyways, as I mentioned before, I’m not quite sure I want him to blow the house up. What’s he supposed to tell his mom or dad when they ask him why it happened? That he was making them for his girlfriend?
See this is where the tricky part is, my aunt/his mom isn’t actually a fan of said girlfriend. Mostly because he have changed a lot after they got together and stuff. He’s always out hanging with her and stuff, and my aunt doesn’t really wants him to get sidetracked from school and work. You know, normal asian parents stuffs.

So yeah… I think I might be trying out a recipe for this cake thingy someday. It’s not really somehting I look forward to, but you know… I figured it’s better for me who have more experiences in the kitchen area to try this thing out than having him, who can’t even use the microwave oven probably, do it first. Pffft, he’s so into her that it’s fun to watch really! HAHAHAHA
Oh, the crazy things I do for my family!


One Comment on “The things you do…”

  1. I think it’s possible to microwave stuff without blowing up the house. LOL. Just watch it and if you think it’s getting too hot, stop it. LOL. I don’t think it should be too hard.

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