The desk

This is so random but I used to have a yellow desk when I was younger… The color wasn’t an overwhelming yellow, it was more light and creamy-ish. Oh man… I miss it 😦
It was even homemade… For the first time in my life I had someone build me a desk and I was there when he painted it in yellow. The thing that puzzled me that day was how he knew that yellow was my favorite color… Aaah those were the days.
That desk did go through a lot with me as a child. I had my guniea pig’s cage on it, doing countless of math homeworks and writing about Egypt and mumifications on it. I think it probably had battle scars from the times I felt like writing on it or something. Yeah, I was a stupid kid who vandalized things without meaning it. Once, I taped a poster on the wall and when I tried to take it back down I managed to take a huge piece of the wallpaper with me. My stepdad got disappointed and all.

Anyways, I wonder what happened to the desk after I moved away. I haven’t been able to successfully find the right desk after that one. I’ve had a lot of desks since then but none of them have ever made me feel like it was something special (?) You’re probably thinking I’m a nutcase here but truth is that desk held so much memories and it was something special made for me.
With the industralized desks we’ve got from Ikea or some big chain stores, it doesn’t feel quite the same way. ‘Cause odds are that the desk that I buy from Ikea is something that at least some else have got in their home as well. It’s not personalized it’s a mass production of desks. And I always miss my yellow desk whenever I need to do my homework. It would’ve felt like home, you know?


One Comment on “The desk”

  1. Dude… this is really sad! But impressive… it IS really all about your desk xD

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