statisk og asiatisk …

I hate my hair during winter. It gets static because of the weather and the dry air. So, today I decided to take a trip to Trondheim Torg in order to buy some products that might reduce the static.

Inside one of the stores, I asked the lady who worked there if she had any products that would help reduce static hair. I basically said “har du noe som hjelper mot statisk hår?”. I thought she heard me clearly, but obviously I was wrong. She replied by saying: “Jeg har asiatisk hår”, (I have asian hair) and touched her hair. I was like O.o, but didn’t think much of it. Then I asked her about this series of product, and she was: “yes, this series is really good, I use it myself..” Then i asked her more about one of them, because the text said it helped against static and frizzy hair, I though she might know more about it. But she said, “why do you need it? You have nice asian hair”. I was like what? I need it because my hair is static because of the weather. Then she said: Oh O.o, it’s really good though.
In the end they didn’t have the conditioner there so I went to the other store further away in order to buy it. I guess she heard “asiatisk” insted og “statisk” when I first talked to her …


One Comment on “statisk og asiatisk …”

  1. HAHAHA! What a “conversation”!xD!!!

    I was like WHAT!? when i read “today I decided to take a trip to Trondheim” xD

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