2-3 weeks left until they’re coming back for Christmas, wahahaha, can’t wait! Tanadda said something about reunion on the 28th? or was it? hmmm… But anyways I was thinking of baking a cake or something for the occasion. I kinda miss having my friends eat up my cakes ‘cuz I know I can’t do it myself. So now I’m currently looking through recipes and such, which is not a good idea considering I’m really hungry right now.
I was thinking of an Oreo cake since I just ate one not long ago and I kind of want more? But nothing is set in stone though. I knew I should have bought more than one package of Oreos when they were on sale though (10 kr!!) That’s more than half the price of what they usually cost. Ugh. So maybe Oreos cake or maybe not?

Hahaha I still remember Tanadda frolicking the Oreo cream I made for the Oreo cupcakes at my birthday! She thought she was so secretive about it and all but nooo… she was so obvious it was fun to watch hahahah. Btw girls… I don’t know/remember how I made it… Seriously. Next time I’m baking I should really write everything I’m doing down. Mostly because I have a tendency to stray away from the recipes. I guess I learned it from the best, my stepdad. The guy who gave me the yellow desk, you know? Yeah he always put things in the food on a whim and when it turns out good, it turns out good, and when it doesn’t well it was still edible. But then again the food he cooks never tasted the same twice. And no he’s not even a chef or something, he was just a carpenter who liked to cook!
Anyways back on track, I should install a security camera in our kitchen instead of writing everything down, hahaha quite an idea eh? The documentary of Bao Chau’s life inside the kitchen! HAHAHAH

Yeah, enough ramblings from me for today, I’ll be off to marinate me som chicken wings now, YUM!


One Comment on “031210”

  1. I can’t remember me doing that..xD Hm, you have to ask Lina about the reunion.

    ANY CAKE WILL DO! 😀 And I vote for a security camera in your kitchen xD

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