Sweet Potato <3

Although it’s saturday today, it doesn’t feel like a holiday. Maybe because I had exam in Examen Philosophicum today. I’m so happy that it’s over. It was such a PITA to read the book >..<

Aw man, had to write this over again….!!!

After exam me and Chris went to train. Afterwards we headed to Bunnpris to buy some food. Inside the refrigeration room, I stared at a  pack of beef meat. I told Chris that I wanted to eat it, but it’s was too much for me. Chris said she wanted to eat it to, but she can’t really touch meat. She had big problems trying to cut the meat when she was going to make bulgogi last time. Beside us stood and old lady listening to our conversation. Suddenly she said: “hahaha you’re funny to Chris”, and went away. When we finished choosing stuff inside the refrigeration room, we headed to the vegetable section.

Normally, Bunnpris does not sell sweet potatoes. But they suddenly had them today. Chris face was all lighten up when she saw the sweet potatoes, just like in a drama. She took one of the sweet potatoes and said: “Shall I make fries of you?”. After we finsihed choosing all our stuff, we headed to the counter. Everything was fine until the counter dude encountered the sweet potato. Since Chris only bought one, she didn’t bother to put it in a bag. The dude at the counter had this confused look on his face O.o He took the sweet potato in his hand, holding it up and exclaimed: “IS THIS A POTATO O.o ?????”. Chris answered …”umh..I don’t know”. Apparently, she didn’t hear what he said and though he asked about the price. He became even more confused thinking, why do you buy it when you don’t know what it is?? . He then turned around to his co-worker, still holding the sweet potato in his hand and once more: “IS THIS A POTATOOO??? IS THIS A POTATOOO????” His co-worker was busy trying to fix something and just replied…yes yes, it’s a potato. But the counter dude just refused to believe it. He was like: WTH, what happend to the potatoes. His face was priceless! He turned to a new co-worker and exclaimed again: “Hey you, IS THIS A POTATO??? IS THIS A POTATO?” Chris heard him clearly this time and replied by saying that it was a sweet potato. Behind her in the line stood the old lady from earlier. She stared at Chris saying “you…you go from bad to worse”. Beside me stood her husband, suddenly asking me: “what do you use a sweet potato for? I know I used to eat them, but I don’t know what you make with them O.o”. In the meantime, the counter dude just punched in potato in the cash register, although he still coudn’t believe that it was a potato he was holding in his hand.I tried not to laugh in front of the dude, but burst into laughter before I reached the door lol.

Oh well, back to math. Only 10 days until I return to Oslo. 2 more exams to go…..Aja aja!

The famous sweet potato...


2 Comments on “Sweet Potato <3”

  1. BSillyBob says:

    HAHAHHAHA! You guys shouldn’t eat the famous sweet potato. Put it in a crystal box and display it for the world to see! XD

  2. L.T says:

    too late…Chris already made fries out of it an hour ago XD

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