I’ve got a confession to make

I found myself staring at someone’s butt here the other day… I know, random much? And yes it was a guy’s butt, durr. I also think he smells good, not cologne kind of good but he smells of soap. I like soap. WTH, is she going on about is probably what you’re thinking. But it’s not like I can tell my classmates that. Visualize it, me pointing at say guy and tell my friends that he has got a cute butt and smells good. That would be super-awkward since we’re in the same class and all. So I’m telling you guys, ‘cuz you won’t know who it is and stuff. It’s not like I’m crushing on him or anything, I find him rather scary you see. Freaking poker face. And those who know me, will know that I find poker faces rather intimidating.

And then last Tuesday I found this other guy staring at me in one of our lectures. He was sitting in the same row as me, just on the other side of aisle. And I swear it was the weirdest thing ever ‘cuz when I caught him staring he didn’t avert his gaze, he just kept on blatantly staring. I was the one who awkwardly turned away. You might say aww, someone is staring at her! But no, no it was not the good kind of staring. It was the kind of staring that could be translated as I-want-to-murder-her. Needless to say I kept my head straight forward most of the time, who in their right mind want to see the murderous stare, right? But then when I turned my head to talk to my friend who was conveniently seated on my left side (note the sarcasm), I found him staring again! Haha, he might not have been staring at me at all but it was scary shit nonetheless!

Did I mention that I was seated right beside this dude on my first lecture as well? It was not comfortable at all, ‘cuz he was as scary then as he’s scary now. Gosh, what’s up with these poker faces in my class? D; Enough with my ranting, what about you? Ever caught people, you don’t know, staring at you? I might just be paranoid though… but then again aren’t we all?


3 Comments on “I’ve got a confession to make”

  1. Lina TN says:

    Baoi, you’re just awesome!
    Man, I should have been there with you so that I could give him the same murderous stare back >.<

    I haven't caught people staring at me yet, but I wonder if I should start staring at someone and give them a murderous look like the dude staring at you did XD

  2. Lina, your murderous stares are from hellxD

    You must show me that cute and nice smelling butt, Bao!

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